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     Received the bag in the mail this morning.  Thank you for making it possible for me to own something so unique and special.  Call me sick, but the first thing I did was rub my fingernail across the front of the bag.  I couldn't resist making my first personal mark on the bag.  I hope this Corona virus scare ends soon so I can begin travelling again and showing off this impeccable piece of art.  I am forever grateful.  The bag is so much more than I expected and I couldn't be happier!
You built a Mack truck out of leather, not only is the size perfect but the construction is built like a brick outhouse. As someone who travels 40 plus weeks a year, I’m looking forward to breaking in this bag, like a well worn leather car seat.
Scott, good morning. And happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
I wanted to thank you again for your help in purchasing my small glazed duffel bag. I absolutely love this bag. My second piece in this awesome leather collection. 
The more I use the bag, the more I truly grasp the spirit of your vision. I really think your products tell a  compelling and an exclusive story. I congratulate you for being able to take the simplicity and ingenuity  of the old ways, and being able to infuse it  into your design.  I am a leather fanatic (having established a leather goods store in LA moons ago).....and I can tell you, you are unique in the market place. I hope your clients truly grasp the uniqueness, and the story behind the CK.....
Best - 
Your products are literally business travel perfection!
I often receive compliments on both of my bags - I always say ColsenKeane NC...
Keep up the wonderful craftsman work!
I bought the duffle bag CK613 in glazed tan. This bag is nothing short of an incredibly well made piece of art. It is an attractive, head turner, high quality, duffle bag that’s made out of a very fine buffalo hide. I really couldn’t say enough about CK and the awesome products they craft. Scott takes a very simple design and makes artful leather work out of it to last for generations to come.  I love my duffle bag.....Thank you....
Team - thank you so very much for the awesome leatherwork to create these custom Wine Bottle carriers!  My great friends and wine connoisseurs from our All-American VFW Post were truly humbled!  
I hope these become a staple for your expanding lineup of great products!  I’ve already given out some as gifts and cannot wait to share with the growing circle of Northern Virginia Vineyards - who are sure to ogle over your craftsmanship!
Keep up the super work!  
Hi Scott...I got the leather coasters!  Thank you for your thoughtful gift.

I cherish the work that you do and the passion that is behind it.

Keep doing what you’re doing.


Eric Garcia-Tunon
Greetings Bay,

Just received the custom leather wallet and I must say - brava to you and bravo to your team of artists. It’s just so beautiful!! Thank you again for an incredible piece of artwork- truly.

Thank you again!

Hello Scott and Bay -
How are you both?
Andrea and I were very excited late last week to receive our package from Charlotte!  The Satchel and Purse are both stunning, and we really love them both!  Thank you very much for the craftsmanship and care that your whole company took in making these custom pieces for us - we’ll use them for a long time to come.
The Minimalist is taking its first trip with me today, off to Washington, DC.  It works perfectly for what I had planned - my laptop, my iPad, and one night’s worth of clothing (which I have stashed inside in a packing cube).  Super simple, and it works perfectly!
Thanks again, for everything.  It has been a delight to work with you guys, and we’ll certainly keep you in mind for all of our future quality leather investments.
Take care,
Kevin (and Andrea) Webber


A very belated THANK YOU for the coasters you created for our conference in Charlotte, everyone raved about them. I have shared them with some of my peers at Duke Energy as well, so I’m hoping other Admins will be contacting you in the near future.

Thanks again,



Thanks Bay!  I have always loved your products and your customer service is equally as amazing.  I will be leaving you all a glowing 5 star review.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
-Ryan Picarella

Scott and team-

I received my new minimalist satchel in Crazy Horse yesterday after waiting anxiously for the bag to be built and shipped.  In short, I am tremendously impressed.  I moved everything over into my new bag last night, and proudly wore my new CK bag in to the office today.  It’s a statement piece, and I have already been singing your praise to clients and coworkers alike.

The craftsmanship is outstanding, especially the leather insert for my pens/business cards.  I’m so happy I finally made the decision to order a bag after being impressed with your advertising over three years ago.

Consider me a lifelong customer for any leather needs.  Thank you!

-Michael Belluomini

First, I have to say that I've had your amazing leather bags on my wish list for years now.  This past year, I made the plunge and ordered from this list.  Your products far exceeded my expectations!! The crazy horse leather is my absolute favorite material.  
On top of that, I must speak about an amazing team member you have.  I visited your studio just before Christmas of 2017 to look at your crazy horse belt and allow my wife to observe your exceptional craftsmanship!  Instead of purchasing what they had in stock, Sarah Cousar offered the option to make me a belt that fits me and what I wanted.
While picking up my custom belt, I decided to purchase a clutch in glazed tan for my wife that she fell in love with!  I ordered it the Wednesday before Christmas (which was on Monday).  Sarah said it would be available on Friday.  Late Friday afternoon, I get a call from Sarah saying it's ready to be picked up and she understood the late timing of the call.  Immediately, she offered to drop the clutch off to me on her way to her family's house for the holiday. As promised, she personally delivers my wife's clutch to my home on foot!  Who else would do something like this?  
If it's not obvious, I am a HUGE believer of Colsen Keane!  Not only are their goods such high quality that are built to last, but the staff does such an incredible job at making their customers so happy and proud of showing off that amazing Colsen Keane logo!!  It stands for so much.
Thank you for such an amazing local company that is so easy to brag about!  I couldn't be prouder to use your products on a daily basis and am looking forward to future purchases!!
Daniel Turner
Bay - 
Bag arrived early today and it is spectacular. Thanks so much and please tell Scott and Tony I said thanks. The card wallet is likewise great!
Happy Holidays to the best leather company in the world. 
Just wanted to again thank you for the amazing bag I picked up today.  Words cannot express how pumped I am about the quality and beauty of this bag.  I will send you photos as it travels with me across America.

Clay Winn



I just got off work, I found the package and opened up the package. UNBELIEVABLE.  I can’t believe the detail, the quality of workmanship, the LEATHER.  I ordered both a journal and a Satchel.  I have ordered from SaddleBack Leather, Colonel Littleton, I love my Col Littleton the Saddleback Leather I sold all the pieces away, I have to say, your piece of art is absolutely worth every penny... Thank you FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND GREAT PIECE OF ART. Easily the best bag I have ever bought and I know quality leather bags when I see them…perfect and my style too ! 

Bayli, oh my gosh. I got home today & on front porch was a box. And, upon inspection, the box had my name on it.  And, the box was taped.  And, when I eagerly cut the tape then I found something in the box. And, what I found in the box was an amazing bag. And, the amazing bag was made specifically for me by the kind folks at Colsen Keane. What a wonderful adventure & wonderful surprise to come home & see the box. My long time of looking at the ad on the many Delta miles that I've flown has finally come full circle. I love it!  Y'all rock!
Thank you!!!
I just want you to know that I have ordered 2 products from you as gifts to my husband. Not only does he adore them, but he is complemented on his satchel daily. Thank you for hard work and quality work. It is truly hard to find. I'm proud to know that his gifts will last a lifetime. Well done!
I am writing you this morning to let you know that I received my case in the mail. The craftsmanship is outstanding and this is something that I will treasure for years to come. I am recommending you to everyone I know that need or wants fine handcrafted leather goods. Thank you so much.
With my deepest regards 


Thank you for your response and for my beautiful new natural 4313 satchel. It is stunning. I have owned many leather products, but no others can compare to CK! With natural as it changes it’s like getting a new bag every few weeks. I also appreciate the 4313 being sent so quickly. I’m taking it on my trip today. Thank you. Mark 


Hi Bayli,

I received the duffle bag and the passport covers yesterday.  I can say that the items exceeded my expectations.  It is nice to buy from an American company that takes pride in their work and cares about customer service.  I will definitely be buying more in the future. 

Thank you



To the good folks of ColsenKeane Leather, LLC,

I was surprised when I came home tonight and found that the satchel that I had ordered just a couple of days ago had arrived already. I decided I’d better eat something before I opened the box, since I needed to eat and I knew that if I opened the box I might not get around to eating for quite a while.

I am glad I waited, because nothing had really prepared me for the beauty of the satchel and for the fun, both of looking at the leather and of playing with the straps. I am now finally able to pull myself away from the fun and to write to tell you how much I appreciate the speed with which you had the satchel delivered. Moreover, I am kind of picky about details in things and I am truly impressed with the work behind the satchel that I now have. The attention to detail in the production of this satchel is beautiful. And, while it may be silly, I am really taken by the buckles and rivets. They are (and I had read and noted what you stated on the website) heavier duty items than I could have imagined. 

I will confess that after ordering the satchel I was afraid that, as with so many other experiences, I would be a little let down by the actual satchel when it arrived. You have done something that only a few people have done in a long time: You’ve exceeded even the wishful hopes that I had for the satchel. In every way this satchel is more than I expected. That kind of surprise seldom occurs for me anymore. I’d like to thank you sincerely for the level of quality of this satchel.

And so, again, thank you for the satchel, the speed of the delivery, and the gratifying surprise of the satchel itself. 

I’m looking forward now to the arrival of the portfolio that I ordered (a bit later) to go along with the satchel. I won’t be as surprised by the portfolio as I have been by the satchel, but I’m sure I’ll be just as happy with it as I am with the satchel.




Good morning Robin,

I received my Field Notes Cover yesterday and wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am absolutely thrilled with it. It far exceeded my expectations. I have placed my various Field Notes books in it and it is now part of my EDC (Every Day Carry) items.

The 2 tone black and tan looks awesome and the red elastic really contrasts nicely. I’m sure as it ages with use the natural tan will develop a beautiful patina that will increase its beauty and character. I’m sure I will enjoy using this cover for many years.

Thanks again for your help and please thank the Craftsman who made my cover for his/her attention to detail and a job well done. I highly recommend Colsen Keane and look forward to future projects.

Sincerely Enrico


Thank you very much! I received my purchase.  I cannot say enough about the very superb workmanship put in to this bag.  The material is excellent. You're very right; this is the only, and last, bag I'll ever need! Please feel very free to pass along my sincere (I really mean it!!) Kudos for all you do!



Hi Bayli and Scott:

This thank you is long overdue and I am really sorry that I did not send you a note right after I received my first satchel. It is WONDERFUL.  It fits absolutely everything I have to carry on my very busiest days and it is already developing some amazing character as the leather loosens up -- although, it is not allowed out in the rain.  I know, I know -- it would be fine but I just can't let that beautiful bag get wet. 

And, thank you for working with Sharon to make me a "mini-me" satchel for those days when I only have a few things to carry. That was an awesome surprise. Now I never have to be without my satchel. I am duplicating what I put in the pockets so the transition is incredibly easy all the time. I can't tell you how nice it is to have that seamless transition. If only everything else in my life worked that well!  

And, it is an added bonus to know the skill and dedication that went into both of my bags. I think of how great you guys are every time I grab the strap and put my satchel on my shoulder to go do what I hope is meaningful work each day.  Thank you for being such wonderful people and for making such terrific products.



Hi Bayli, 

Just wanted to inform you that I received the bag in good order and that I'm very very pleased with the result. Weight and looks are perfect. Size will be more than adequate for the intended purpose. Thank you so much for the back-and-forth communication and expert guidance in selecting a model that better suits my needs. Thanks again and happy new year!



Hi, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your customer service is way above and beyond, anything I've received in today's world. I did not expect you to follow up with my concern like you did, much less ship out a brand new wallet (at your cost). I'm so beyond happy and impressed with the 3 pieces we have purchased from your company. These are the highest of quality and craftsmanship. We love your items, and now LOVE your personal customer service even more. Thank you for sending out the replacement wallet, the initial stamping again was so so kind of you.

We appreciate it more then you will know.



 When I see people pay extraordinary attention to detail in their work I am always impressed. I acknowledge that as a surgeon I have a level of expectation about craftsmanship that is hard to appease so it takes a special company to attract my attention. Scott at ColsenKeane has done that by creating some amazing work and Bayli has reinforced this charge with personalized customer care.

My 4313 ColsenKeane Minimalist Satchel in Crazy Horse has a well-mannered impression and comfortable form-factor whether at leisure or work with a style that says “I’m more than capable but not pretentious”. Being confident but humble takes a certain balance that most men’s bags simply can’t pull off. Nicely done ColsenKeane.

~ Bob


 All at CK

I just received my new standard minimalist briefcase (natural). This is my 7th piece of your leatherwork and your quality still remains amazing. This thing is built rugged enough for safari, although I will only use it for to and from the office, should last longer than my working career.

Thanks for the high quality built in US products at what I see as a very reasonable cost.



Hi Bayli,

Got my crazy horse bag today. The bag, strap length, everything is perfect. Thank you for the fast production and delivery times.
Richard Stephenson
Kansas City


Good evening,

I hope this finds you all well. I apologize in the delay in sending this email but I wanted to reach out and thank you again for organizing a visit to the shop for my his husband Brian. He had a wonderful experience and has been telling everyone the story of his bag.

So thank you again, it is a beautiful piece of work and something he will cherish for many years before passing it along to our son.

Thank you again,



Hi Scott,

I just received my bag in the mail today and I've got to say it's pretty awesome! I'm very satisfied with it and is definitely the heavy duty kind of bag I wanted. I love all the pockets and think it looks great - my dad and friends I've shown it to are all super jealous of me now.

Thanks again for your work on this, being so accommodating to my requests, and for getting it to me so fast! I really couldn't ask for a better bag.




Bayli and Scott,

I received my bag a few days ago and just loaded it all back up to take on a business trip with me today. 

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note, I love how everything turned out! The keychain holder is just how I envisioned and the shortened strap is exactly the length I wanted.

Thank you again for working with me on those items and I'm ecstatic to have my bag back! I love it!




 Received on Saturday and I wanted to thank you, it is perfect! I absolutely love it and will be sharing with all of my architect and engineering companions. 

There is no other 11x17 portfolio out there and I really think it will be highly desirable. Thanks again. 

Rick Sconyers, AIA


To whom it may concern,

This email is being sent a bit late, but I wanted to thank you for getting my wife's Mother's Day Gift of a Natural Tan Traveler ready and mailed so quickly. 

I placed my order via the website on 5/24 and then called and pleaded with the courteous gentleman who answered the phone to make sure I didn't bomb out (again) on Mother's day. I received the assurance that you guys would do your best to get the bag to my door by the 29th and lo and behold, you came through! 

My wife really liked the bag the moment she saw it (she is not a fan of purses), but fell in love with it when she received two unsolicited compliments on the first day she used it. Many more compliments and a bit of patina later, she's still in the honeymoon period.

It's a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and easy on the eyes to boot. Keep up the fantastic work and thanks again! 

Best, Thomas


Bayli and Scott-

My bag is an absolute work of art. Just amazing work. Size, color and texture are perfect. The natural wallet works great too. You've got a customer here for sure. 

Thanks so much. Please tell anyone considering your products to email me for a recommendation. Will send you some pics of my bag in action over time.  



Words on the Word

No. 510 Medium Moleskine

No. 410 Field Notes


Hello Scott-

I received the custom satchel this evening.  Absolutely amazing!  I truly appreciate the work and effort that went into making this vision of mine a reality, and I couldn't be happier with the result.



Colsen Keane and team,

I received my new duffel in the mail today. It is perfect. The quality is even more than I expected. Received sooner than expected too!

As a leather guy and a bag junkie I have spent way too much over the years looking for that one perfect bag for my travels. I think this one is it.

Having owned most of the big name products, including Saddleback (which is great quality too), I have to say your craftsmanship is second to none. Being also made in the USA sold me.

Thank you for the great bag. Happy customer. A pair of your new boots will be my  next splurge; they look like my Red Wing Beckmans, only better.


Lexington, KY



I JUST picked up the box from the condo office and opened it moments ago. Pardon my language but I'm not shitting you, the satchel is absolutely awesome! Colsen Keane (and specifically you) are highly praised!

I will honestly say I'm not entirely sure how many leather bags and such I will purchase going forward but I can guarantee you that Colsen Keane has a customer for life. First choice. Period. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Kudos to all of you!




Dear Scott

I have been in healthcare nearly 30 years and am senior healthcare executive with Accenture.  I have probably purchased nearly $6k worth of Tumi luggage for myself and my family over the years and on most days I probably look like every other consultant in North America.  I was looking for something different - preferably something of very high quality and made in the USA - not sure exactly what I was looking for but I was confident I would know it when I saw it - and I came across an ad for Colsen Keane in one of the in-flight magazines. I spent some time checking out the Colsen Keane website and calling the company and leaving a message - and I was actually shocked when a real person called me back. Scott Hofert spent 30 minutes talking with me and I ordered a #840 Desert Sand Satchel, a #4311 Standard Grunge Satchel with custom inserts and roller board straps, and a Crazy Horse Tech Case #213.  I absolutely love these bags and use the #4311 for overnight trips when I need to carry a laptop as well as books and papers and I use the #840 for overnight trips and as a high-end "book bag" when I just want to get caught up on my reading at a coffee shop.  The quality and uniqueness of these bags is unrivaled and I am very very happy with my purchases.  Scott offers excellent, stylish, and unique products that are made in America and come with a lifetime warranty. 

Great work Scott - Thank you. 




The passion for your craft just really shines through and the philosophy of making something by hand that's simple, honest, the finest quality that will last forever and improve/weather over time, the fact that it changes as you use it, that just really resonated. It's exactly what I was looking for.